DNS & DNSSEC Services for Top Level Domains

DNS is the foundation that underpins domain registry services. Without a fast and reliable DNS service and secure and uninterrupted DNSSEC, your customers cannot rely on their domains to run their businesses!


BRS Registry partners with duel world class DNS operates for a Redundant, Resilient, Fault-tolerant Enterprise-grade DNS network with a truly global reach. Multiple Points of Presence (POPs) are deployed on every continent except Antarctica, and new locations added regularly. This type of network is designed to be both resistant to failure and able to handle large volumes of traffic. It typically uses multiple DNS servers, which are geographically distributed to minimize the impact of outages. Total of 376 datacenters across 122 countries!


BRS Registry DNS partners both have operated its own DNS network platform for over 25 Years, maintaining 100% uptime, and provides DNS services to customers as part of its integrated EPP Registry Platform. TLDs benefit with ICANN-compliant DNS services, fast and secure DNSSEC support, the global reach of both Anycast networks. Total of 376 datacenters across 122 countries!